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At Intec Global, we understand the need for specialist knowledge and value-driven approach in managing efficient working of basic engineering facilities in the form of buildings, roads, and utilities, that can help society function.

Our team of experts are well experienced to handle your needs. Intec global has been providing answers to infrastructure needs of the society in recent years. we are committed to advancing ways supportive to customer value delivery. Our core services are:

About Intec Global

Headquartered in Nigeria, Intec Global Services is providing answers to facilities and systems that help society function, such as buildings, roads, bridges and other utilities. We have the support tools and services to help the private and public sectors succeed in the design and management of these facilities.

Our team is dedicated to quality services and reliability in the areas of engineering services, infrastructure lifecycle maintenance services, product sourcing, logistics services, and management of investments. Our professional engineers, designers’ environmentalist, geologists, planners, managers, and field technicians can work to client’s satisfaction.

Our key focus of operation includes but not limited to the transportation, communication, power, finance and oil & gas industries.

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